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Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games, which is why there are tens of online variants for Canadian casino players to enjoy. Whether RNG (Random Number Generator) blackjack, live blackjack, or mobile blackjack, there is something for everyone. Some software providers take it a step further and include special features to give you a unique experience.

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How to Play Blackjack

Playing blackjack at online casinos in Canada is straightforward, but it’s always a good idea to have the correct strategy in place. We’ve put together a detailed guide that gives you information related to how to play blackjack, what strategies to use, and much more.

Once you’ve signed up to a reputable online casino, you’ll need to choose your blackjack game. Although the basic rules are the same across the board, variations may have different styles, features, bet types, or RTP percentages.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to play blackjack at online casinos in Canada:

  1. Make your first deposit.
  2. Claim your welcome bonus.
  3. Choose an RNG variant within the table game section or a live blackjack variant in the live casino section.
  4. Test the games using your bonus funds.
  5. Find the strategy that suits you best. We recommend playing with small bets until you find what works for you.
  6. Switch to real money bets for potential real money prizes.

Blackjack Rules

The general blackjack rules are the same regardless of the variant you’re playing. It all starts with the dealer, who has a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Some blackjack tables use two or four decks – this does not affect how you’ll play the game.

The first thing you need to do is to select a bet, keeping in mind that you won’t be able to change this before the round ends. The croupier deals all active players two face up cards before dealing another two (one face up and one face down) to themselves.

Next, choose which action you’d like to take:

  • Hit: Request another card from the dealer. You can repeat as many times as you like until you go bust.
  • Stand: Refuse to receive any more cards and keep the ones you have. You can do this immediately or after requesting one or more hits.
  • Split: Match your original bet and split your hand into two separate ones. Each hand carries a separate stake.
  • Double Down: Purchase a hit for the same amount as your stake. This doubles your bet and will result in a double prize if you win the hand.

When all players have finished, the croupier deals cards according to the table rules, which are usually hitting on totals of 16 or less or standing on 17 or higher. The croupier’s and players’ results are compared and one of the following is determined:

  • Win: Your hand value is higher than that of the dealer.
  • Push: Your hand value is equal to that of the dealer. In this case, you neither add onto nor lose your stake.
  • Lose: Your hand value is less than that of the dealer, resulting in you losing your entire stake.

Note: A ten-value card such as K, Q, J, or 10 together with an A (ace) is an instant Blackjack, meaning you’ll get an instant payout according to the fixed table odds.

Strategies for Online Blackjack

Time needed: 1 hour

There is no magic formula that will give you massive wins when playing online blackjack. However, there’s no harm in using strategies to increase your odds. We’ve listed a few for you to get started within this section.

  1. Use Strategy Charts

    Strategy charts are a useful tool, especially if you are new to online blackjack. Reading them is easy – find the number you’re at on the x-axis and compare it to the number the croupier has on the y-axis. The colour in the common cell will tell you whether you should hit or stand.

  2. Get Familiar with the Blackjack Table

    Since there are many variants, it’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules of the table you want to play on. You can do this by reading through the rules, observing other players (if it’s a live table), and playing with bonus cash. It will be easier to devise a strategy once you understand how it all works.

  3. Know when to Double Down

    Double down bets can be tricky and it’s not always a good idea to request them. We suggest doubling down when you have a value of 11 as it’s more likely for you to get a ten-value card, meaning your chances of getting a doubled instant Blackjack prize are higher.

  4. Stick to Your Budget

    Although strategies help, they are in no way guarantees of winning. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the house always has an advantage and that there is the possibility of you losing your entire stake. Set a budget before you start and play responsibly. If you feel like your gambling is becoming problematic, speak to a customer support agent about your options.


Online blackjack insurance Is typically offered when the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. This appears as a side-bet option with odds of 2:1. Insurance protects your bet in case the dealer’s face down card is a ten-value card, thus giving them Blackjack.

We would recommend this if you do not have any ten-value cards and are the only one playing against the dealer. If not, the odds of you losing the bet are much higher than those of winning, meaning that in most cases you will lose your stake.


What is insurance in online blackjack?

Insurance is a side bet that blackjack tables offer when the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. We don’t recommend you take this unless you are sure that the face down card is a ten-value one.

Can I play live blackjack at online casinos in Canada?

Yes, you can. Most online casinos in Canada have blackjack tables in the form of RNG (Random Number Generator) table games or live casino games, which are hosted by live croupiers.

Do I need to be an expert to play online blackjack?

No, you don’t need to be an expert to play online blackjack. The rules are simple and straightforward, which is why it is such a popular game among online casino players in Canada.

Are all live blackjack games the same?

No, they are not. You will find live blackjack games that follow the classic rules along with other variants such as European, American, and even gameshow-styled blackjack games. We suggest observing a few rounds of the ones that catch your eye before deciding which to stake real money on.

What are the basic rules of online blackjack?

Online blackjack begins when the croupier deals two face up cards to each active player along with one face up and one face down card to him/herself. You can then choose to hit, stand, double down, or split your hand. You will win if your final hand is higher than that of the croupier.

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